Dive into the pulsating beats of “Emotion,” the latest Peak Time Techno masterpiece by the visionary artist Velectrox. As the driving force behind the rhythm, Velectrox seamlessly infuses energy and trance influences, crafting an exhilarating sonic experience that transcends boundaries. Based on the profound philosophy of embracing life’s vibrant spectrum, Velectrox channels intricate emotions into a sonic journey that defies verbal expression. “Emotion” serves as a testament to the artist’s commitment to spreading positivity through the universal language of music. Marking a significant milestone in Velectrox’s musical odyssey, this track is not just a composition; it’s a profound statement. Having left an indelible mark with numerous releases on various labels, “Emotion” is Velectrox’s inaugural venture into the realm of City of Drums Black Label, elevating the artist to new heights. Immerse yourself in the sonic narrative of “Emotion,” where every beat tells a story and every note resonates with the essence of living life to its fullest. Welcome to a sonic expedition by Velectrox and released under the City of Drums Black Label – a collaboration that promises to be the first of many transcendental musical encounters.

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Release Date : February 9, 2024
Catalog ref. : City of Drums Black Label
Format : Digital Download